Cake baker will meet her mortgage!

Bake me a cake as fast as you can…

New Jersey resident,  Angela Logan — baker of the apple cake known ’round the world — will be able to make her mortgage payment.

The Record reported last Friday how the Teaneck actress and divorced mother of three resorted to a bake sale to save her home from foreclosure. Her goal was to sell 100 homemade “mortgage apple cakes” at $40 each.

Angela Logan had started out baking the “mortgage apple cake” in her kitchen.

As of Tuesday, Logan had received more than 500 orders, including one from Hong Kong. And she no longer is baking in her home.

After reading about Logan’s financial bind, the Hilton Hotel in Hasbrouck Heights invited her to bake in a corner of its kitchen. Logan spent 12 hours there Saturday, turning out more than 20 cakes using a commercial mixer and convection oven. The hotel is letting Logan use the kitchen at least through this weekend, when the first of three $2,559.94 payments to Bank of America — required as part of the modification of her mortgage — is due.

Logan said Tuesday that the initial payment won’t be a problem. For now, she’s focused on filling orders that began pouring in after the story was picked up by the New York and national media. Logan can turn out 10 cakes at a time at the hotel, as opposed to two at a time at home.

“I won’t stop baking until people stop ordering,” she said. “It’s been an outpouring of people wanting to help, and I want them to get their cakes. It’ll be awhile, and I’m asking everyone to be patient.”

Al Hamdi, the Hilton’s general manager, said hotel officials were moved by Logan’s plight.

“It touched all of us — we thought maybe we should buy some of her cakes,” he said.

Al Hamdi, the Hilton’s general manager, said hotel officials were moved by Logan’s plight.

They decided instead to offer kitchen space.

“It’s a good cause, and it’s inspiring,” Hamdi said. “All businesses should try to participate in helping in their community. We’re part of this community, and we do not want to see anyone lose their home because of the economic situation.”

Hamdi said he tasted Logan’s richly frosted apple cake for the first time Tuesday morning.

“It’s a bit on the sweet side, but I like sweet,” he said, adding that the hotel might consider offering the cake on its menu as a “local specialty.”

While Logan was chopping gala and red delicious apples and mixing batter at the Hilton on Tuesday morning, Teaneck officials were visiting her house — not to order a cake but to deliver a cease-and-desist letter.

“It’s a state law that you cannot use your house as a commercial kitchen,” said Wayne Fisher, Teaneck’s health officer.

For Logan to continue baking in her home, she would have needed a separate kitchen, a license from the township and food-handler training, Fisher said.

“We were going to offer her some options, such as using someone else’s commercial kitchen,” he said. “Almost all of our churches and temples have approved kitchens. We were certainly going to be helpful, but we needed to tell her she could not do commercial baking in the house.”

Fisher said township officials received more than 15 calls and e-mails from people upset that Logan was baking and selling cakes from her home.

“They couldn’t understand how the township was allowing it, but we weren’t allowing it,” he said. “We just found out about it [Monday]. We even learned she has a Web site.”

Fisher said Logan could have faced up to $1,000 in fines.

“We did not fine her,” he said. “That is not our intention. We are happy for her now, and we wish her well.”

Logan said Tuesday that she is almost in a daze.

“It’s kind of like being in a dream,” she said. “It’s a gleeful, joyful feeling, but it’s frightening. I can’t sleep because I have to get those cakes baked.”

Original article posted on Written by Jay Levin.

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