Pursuing Your Passions

If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, quit!

Casual Millionaire book

Chances are that whatever you’re involved in,  you performance is far less than spectacular. And those around you will notice that you’re just not giving the best of yourself. In addition, the energy consumed completing a non-passionate task restricts you from pursuing something that you are passionate about. Instead, do what you enjoy doing and love what you do.  Better still, make what you do something you love. Martha Stewart built an empire and characterized her phenomenal success in a short but to the point quote: “All the things I love is what my business is all about!”

In my presentations, I encourage people to find what motivates them. I persuade them to look for something they are passionate about and explore how they can incorporate it into their lives for financial gain. Truly, I cannot think of any activity chosen out of love that doesn’t have the potential to earn money.  I’m so convinced of my belief that I’d actually challenge someone to jump up and contest me by saying, “Tonja, I love to sleep, but it won’t put food on the table!” I’m ready to respond that researchers in sleep clinics pay individuals to test sleep patterns and identify the symptoms of the various disturbances leading to restlessness. It proves my theory is ironclad!

-An excerpt from Tonja’s book: The Casual Millionaire – Wealth by Intention (Chapter 5).

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