Green living communities – The next hot market

In the past, hot real estate markets included locations with oceanfront and mountain views. While these are still desired property locations, there’s a potentially new hot real estate market known as Sustainable Living Communities.


Sustainable living communities consist of homes, condominiums and townhouses manufactured from recycled materials. They use high-efficiency appliances, high-rated insulation and double or triple paned windows. Oftentimes, these communities are self-contained and include shopping malls, banks, restaurants, post office and schools. Everything within the community is powered by solar panels and windmills.

Located in both urban and suburban areas, “green” living communities are sprouting up all across America. Sustainable living is attractive to many people; however, the typical resident is between 32 and 45 years of age and married with two children or less.

Investing in sustainable living real estate offers homeowners the potential to yield a tidy profit. As the debate on global warming continues, thousands of individuals are becoming environmental advocates. Many people are looking for alternative living solutions that utilize solar and wind energy. Experts suggest sustainable living communities will be the next hot real estate market.

Not only is sustainable real estate expected to sharply appreciate, there are many tax credits available to those who purchase energy-efficient homes. Additionally, government grants to erect sustainable living homes, such as those constructed from straw bales, are offered in nearly every state within the continental U.S. These grants range from $35,000 to more than $250,000 in some areas.

Sustainable living isn’t limited to only green communities. Many people are choosing to build “green” homes on individual parcels of land. Others are purchasing old, run-down homes and recycling the materials on-hand, or purchasing recycled materials to renovate the house.

Those who own sustainable living real estate are able to reap huge tax benefits. Whether they choose to invest in entire communities or single parcels of land, sustainable living is the wave of the future. Those in-the-know are branching out into this untapped market because they understand in the not-so-distant future, sustainable living will be the next “hot” real estate market.

Original article by Simon Volkov.

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