The Casual Millionaire – What is it?


If you suddenly found yourself incredibly wealthy, would you continue doing what you’re doing or would you immediately change the whole design of your life? Would you dress the same, continue to think as you do and maintain your general pattern of behavior…?

Before I became the “casual millionaire”, I was very much conditioned by a professional conformity code, which left me somewhat vulnerable regarding how I should dress in the business world. I wore suits and heels and adhered to a rather inflexible idea of what I was trained to believe was important, not what jazzed me… I often felt ill at ease in my surroundings and lacked the creative freedom I needed to become the person I designed myself to be.

tonja-131On the other hand, the people I dealt with often shut down and pulled back, either unable or unwilling to relate to the stiff and conventional, corporate big-wig image I presented. This less than gratifying situation inspired me to take action. Fortunately, I had the ability to isolate the stepping stones and change the course of my journey.

Success is not about fancy dress or outdated protocol. It’s about freedom and flexibility. It’s about enhancing your life and channeling your thoughts into a powerhouse of energy that allows you to control how you will increase your income. It’s about becoming wealthy doing what you love, comfortably and effortlessly.

-An excerpt from the book The Casual Millionaire – Wealth by Intention by Tonja Demoff, founder of Backyard Wealth.

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