It could have been the darkest time of my life

tonja-demoffWith the grace of spirit, I suddenly saw my bankruptcy as a choice that did not define who I was but rather what I was experiencing.  In a time that could have been the darkest of my life, I found the strongest light and passion. I found myself, my truth, and my core character, and I found more love than fear. I found wisdom, respect, and clarity. A vibrant energy filled my body, mind and spirit.  The darkest moment changed my entire direction.  I felt so alive! The risk was the reward!

This experience taught me that creating wealth requires a lot more than just managing your finances. I had learned earlier that everything in the universe is energy, including money, and everything is connected. So now I saw in my own life that the creation of “wealth energy” is manifested through love, joy, happiness, excitement, laughter, friendship, and passion.  A love for life, a zest and passion for experience, and an overall excitement that permeates our very being are energetically stimulating.  This is the energy that draws wealth into your personal orbit, so creating an environment where you can have this zest is crucial to wealth.

Creating the “wealth environment” isn’t always easy, but it is worth it to your spirit and to your bank account.

-An excerpt from Tonja Demoff – Peak Vitality: Raising the Threshold of Abundance in our Material, Spiritual & Emotional Lives (2008)


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