3 Myths of Real Estate Success


Have you seen the latest real estate investing infomercial? I have seen so many that promise wealth beyond your imagination. Some of them even go as far as showing luxury items in their infomercials in order to lure you into purchasing their course.

Can one become wealthy through real estate investing? Can one get to the point where they can purchase some of those luxury items that they see in the infomercials?

YES! …..But real estate investing is not a get rich quick scheme. Infomercials make it appear as though real estate investors can create wealth at will. The reality of real estate investing is far from these claims that some of these infomercials make.

Here are some of the myths related to real estate investing:

Real Estate Investing Will Make You Wealthy In A Short Period Of Time

Real Estate Investing can provide a great source of revenue for someone who is thoroughly committed to being successful. You should not start off looking at your investing career as a short means to providing you with luxurious items. It can take some time before you even nail your first deal. Some investors comfortably make forty to fifty thousand dollars per year while others make millions. Those making millions have been in the industry for years.

Pay your dues first and work your way up to the top!

Deals Are Easy To Find

There are deals all over, but they are becoming more difficult to find due to increasing competition. There are thousands and thousands of people who begin trying their hand at real estate investing each and every year. These people provide competition for those who are already active in the business.

You must be prudent and patient when it comes to finding deals. Sometimes, you will not be able to find a deal within two to three weeks. You cannot become discouraged. The good deals will be eventually found be the investor who never gives up!

I Need Good Credit

You do not need any type of credit to get started or be successful. You use the concept of leverage by using other peoples money to do your deals. You can act as a finder and locate deals for other investors. They will pay you for finding deals for them. Your credit is not a factor!

Real Estate Investing is a rewarding industry that can provide a comfortable living for anyone who is willing to work hard. Taking heed to the myths listed above will separate you from all the hype being promoted by infomercials. Take care!

Original article by Wilbert Higgins.

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  1. Great Article and very useful for the reader who does not know a lot about this topic.



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