Dedicated to Helping in Extraordinary Ways

2009 Good Neighbor Awards

2009 Good Neighbors: Dedicated to Helping

REALTORS® who improve the lives of others in extraordinary ways.

Many real estate professionals are working twice as hard today to make half as much money as they made during the boom. The Good Neighbor Award winners are no exception. They have to work harder than ever to keep their businesses afloat and to support their charities at a time when need is escalating.

One thing that hasn’t flagged is the resolve of our 2009 Good Neighbor Award winners to help others get through these challenging times. The winners volunteered an average of nearly 8,000 hours last year—almost 20 hours a week for each of them!

Their passions have taken them in different directions. But they share the joy that comes from bringing love and hope to others in dire need.

The 2009 Good Neighbor Award Winners

* Greg Adamson:  Performs miracle home makeovers.

* Cindy Johnson: Fights for the rights of the disabled.

* Helen Marotto: Finds homes for neglected children.

* Regina Ragon: Improves quality of life in Nicaragua.

* Samuel Thomas Jr.: Serves hot meals and hope.

* Honorable Mentions

Click the names above to meet the award winners and watch their videos.  They help make a difference in extraordinary ways.

More about the Good Neighbor Awards

Do you know a Good Neighbor? The nominations for 2010 are due by May 21, 2010. Nominate an extraordinary Realtor today!

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